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Oak Park® Place seeks opportunities to partner with area organizations to enhance the experience for residents and to serve as a valuable resource to the communities we serve. We offer events, learning sessions, professional development, and more with our partners – and we hope you’ll find these connections to be personally valuable as you plan for the future.

Valuable Experiences through Partnerships

Skilled professionals, along with participation from family, friends, and the resident,develop an individual care plan that will meet the needs of each resident and support an active and productive lifestyle. Since the plan is constructed based on input from those closest to the resident, we find great success in implementation.

Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter Alzheimer’s Association
Oak Park® Place offers seniors with memory loss conditions an individualized program of care that supports each resident’s strengths. The Alzheimer’s Association serves as a great resource and partner as we are committed to providing high quality memory care utilizing new research, ideas, and information available.

Oak Park® Place works closely with the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide the services and opportunities available to residents through the Veteran Affairs program.

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