At Oak Park Place we share our gifts to enhance the lives of those around us.

We believe that everything we do impact. Whether it is a helping hand, a caring smile or simply a kind word, each interaction is meaningful to us and the people we serve.

We want you—and the people you love, to know that they are in caring hands. 

We share these testimonials in that spirit.

"Oak Park Place staff is exceptional. They try very hard to please everyone and do it with a smile and grace."

Agnes – 2 1/2 years at Oak Park Place

"It’s been a very positive experience for us and the staff is always pleasant and anxious to please…"

Leo – 6 months at Oak Park Place

"A feeling of community. Residents look out for one another."

Rosann – 3 1/2 years at Oak Park Place

"The first day I moved in the staff called me by my first name."

Maggie – 3 months at Oak Park Place

"Can't do enough for you and very pleasant about it. Thanks to them all!"

Delores – 2 years at Oak Park Place

"There are many activities that keeps us busy and connected. "

Trudy – 2 1/2 years at Oak Park Place

Oark Park Place