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Memory Care Activities in Madison, WI

Group Activities and Individualized Programming

Programming and activities at Autumn Lane® focus on a resident's individual needs and long-term memory. We promote independence and strive to fulfill physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. A customized plan is tailored to each resident based on current abilities and cognition. This targeted approach is specifically designed to support the highest functioning level for individuals with Alzheimer's or other dementia-related conditions.

Skilled professionals, along with participation from family, friends, and the resident, develop an individual care plan that will meet the needs of each resident and support an active and productive lifestyle. Since the plan is constructed based on input from those closest to the resident, we find great success in implementation.

We provide supportive services focused on compassion and understanding to maximize residents' independence. Caregivers are familiar with activity plans and use validation therapy and redirection to encourage and guide resident participation in activities.

Residents will enjoy ample opportunities to join in group activities from music and art therapy to exercise, church services, and happy hour in all of our communities.

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